Terms & Conditions

1. For any pick up within 3hrs, please call us on +49 69 17516463.
2. Please note babies are also counted as passengers. This is important to decide which Car size will suite to your booking
3. Baby/booster are available at the extra Charge of 5.00 € each if requested. The age of the child/childrens must be specified in the booking Form.
4. Due to the courtesy Service of providing a child Seat we cannot guarantee the availability nor the suitability for your child. We cannot be held responsible or liable for the usage of the child seat due to it being a passengers Diskretion.
5. Additional drop offs and pickups are charged per Kilometers with a minimum fee of 1,50 € per diversion.
6. Passengers are strongly advised to plan enough time for their journey, especially passengers travelling to the airport.
7. Every Pick Up from the airport will be charged with 15.00€ for every 30 Minutes of waiting afte the landing time. The First 30 Minutes are free.
8. Please call our office on the Number +49 69 17516463 if you cannot locate our driver at the agreed meeting point
9. If the passenger misses a flight we must be informed immediately to cancel the order. On a pre-paid Order we will refund after deducting 50% of the charges. If the passenger wishes to choose a later flight, we will provide the Service at no extra cost.
10. All listed prices are quoted per car.
11. No show is defined as following: If a passenger books a private pick up car with us and failes to meet the driver on the agreed pick up time, this will include home, hotel and other private address.
○ This will include wrong booking dates and wrong booking times.
○ If a passenger books a pick up car from an airport and fails to meet the driver at the agreed meeting point without contacting the Driver to inform about the their Status at the Airport will be considered as a no show. The Driver has to wait for 1 hour 30 mins before declaring the Order as a no show.
12. No show no refund.
13. If the passenger decides to use alternative Transport Options we cannot be held responsible the refund of the costs.
14. Please ensure to give us your landings time and day at the agreed Airport and not your departing informations.
15. Our saloon and estate cars are available for maximum 4 passengers.
16. Our MPVs (Many people Carrier) are available for maximum 6 Passengers.
17. It is the passengers responsibility to order the correct type of vehicle in order to carry the numbers of passengers and luggage.
18. We reserve the right to refuse any service if the luggage becomes too unsafe to Transport because of its excessive amount.
19. It’s the responsibility of the passenger to load and unload their belongings and we cannot held responsible for any loss or damage of the luggage.
20. The Order can only be canceled 3 hours prior to the pick-up within the area of Rhein-Main. Pick-up Orders outer areas must be requested 24 hours prior pick-up.
21. The Route to the destination will depend on the Traffic, time, Road closure and diversions.
22. AlfaCars Airport Transfer (ATT) cannot be held responsible in any way for missed flights for whatever reason i.e. traffic delays, accidents, breakdowns, severe weather conditions or any unforeseen circumstances.
23. All passengers are advised to agree to a adequate travel insurance prior to the booking.
24. A booking/reservation may only be altered or cancelled with the permission of the company. This can be done by email or by phone.
25. Cancellations 3 hours prior to the pick up time will be charged with a 5,- € cancellation fee. Cancellation between 3 to 1 hours prior to the pick-up time will incur 50% of the booking price.
26. Cancellation an hour before the pick-up time will incur 100% of the booking price.
27. Any descriptions or messages on this website are only to be seen as guides. They are not legally binding.
28. AlfaCars Airport Transfer (ATT) reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions. Any terms and conditions previously in use but later amended or changed have

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